Get your team ramped up fast and effectively.

Beta Software offers all levels of on-site training, from introductory to advanced. On-site training is an effective way to build momentum for your team and yield greater benefits from your investment in Arbutus.

On-site training can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative for you and your team to receive valuable education without costly travel expenses or lost productivity.

Training Modules

Arbutus 101

Introduction to Arbutus

Arbutus 102

Advanced Analytics

Arbutus 101

Application Development

Arbutus Smart Link SAP Analytics

Connecting to SAP and understanding SAP Tables

Arbutus Server Administration

Understanding Arbutus Server

Why include training?


Courses are delivered to your team, at your location, on your schedule and exclusively for your employees.


Disruptions in business are minimised, with employees remaining on-site for training.


Course content can be expanded to consider your organisation’s data and tests, time permitting.


Every Arbutus instructor is an experienced trainer and user of Arbutus technology.