Fraud Detection that you can trust.

Beta Software’s advanced scripting in Arbutus Analyzer allows for scanning through large data sets to detect and export exception testing focused on methods of fraudulent activities.

Your data doesn’t lie and by focusing our computing power of Arbutus Analyzer we are able to reveal questionable activities warranting further investigation.

Test data across departments, organisations or systems.

Change can represent perceived risk. Arbutus is uniquely positioned to greatly minimise the risks associated with changing your analysis technology. Arbutus can both complement tools like Excel and/or replace existing analysis tools (like ACL). Arbutus is compatible with ACL and has proven to minimise transition risk.

Perform analysis efficiently.

By efficiently analysing complex and disparate data sets, Arbutus technology can test for fraud in a flexible and timely manner. Naturally, the longer a fraud continues undetected, the larger the damage to the organisation, and the harder it becomes to recover losses.

Analyse any data regardless of size or complexity.

Most organisations are sitting on an ever growing ocean of data. Audit Analytics makes it possible for examiners to apply fraud detection tests against files of unlimited size and complexity. The technology is optimised for performance, allowing examiners to perform more queries on large data sets without restrictive delays or having to wait for results.