Future Focused Trend Analysis.

By using your company’s data in its entirety we are able to compute accurate trends regarding Costs, Sales, Expenditures, price variations, supplier variances amongst other and by using a dash-boarding solution we are able visualise the data for you using graphs.

This will allow for easy to read trends of your data.


At Beta Software we enable you to use our data analytics software to create powerful trend in future periods. By using custom variables and scripts designed based upon your needs we can create future trends allowing for future insights.

Using internal and external factors to create your custom variables will give greater insight to possible future outcomes.

Big Data

By being able to connect to all sources of your company’s data, no matter if it’s from a legacy system and no matter the size. Will enable you to create more accurate and more informative trends. With Arbutus Analyzer this is a reality. At Beta Software we love working with big data sets as this is our speciality.

Benefits of Trend Analysis.


Trends can be used to monitor employee and business performance making it easier to see when and where action needs to take place. 

Identify problem areas

Spot deficiencies and bottlenecks easier allowing for quicker corrections.

Predict long term performance

Made possible by creating trends from all of your company’s data, giving you an overall picture of the current state and where you are heading.